1983, January - FebruaryLithuania, Vilnius, Kaunas, "Eight Photographers from Kiev", photo exhibition
1987, September - DecemberGermany, Leipzig University," Portraits", one person photo exhibition
1988, July - SeptemberUkraine, Kiev, "Group Pohliad", various photo exhibitions
1989, DecemberRussia, Moscow, Central Exhibition Hall (Manege), "150 Years of Photography", photo exhibition
1991, May - AugustRussia, Moscow-Ryazan, "First International Soviet-American Woman's Photography, Exhibition and Seminar"
1991, AprilUnited States, Chicago, Roy-Boyd Gallery, "Contemporary Russian Photography"
1992, AprilFrance, Nancy, University "Culture Night", "Shargorod", (from Jews in Ukraine), one person photo exhibition
1992, April - JuneIsrael, Tel-Aviv, Nahum Goldman Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, forth International Photo Competition & Photo exhibition
1992, May - JuneNetherlands, Amsterdam, "Faces: Contemporary Portrait Photography from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine", photo exhibition & (Catalogue)
1992, November - DecemberCzechoslovakia, Cheb, Gallery 4, "Not Only Cemeteries: Jewish Question Marks", photo exhibition
1993, JanuaryMoscow, Russia, Photo Center, "First Moscow International Photo festival". Was recognized and awarded: "Photographer of the Year"
1993, January - FebruaryUnited Kingdom, London, The Sternberg Center of Judaism, "The Jews of Ukraine", one person photo exhibition
1993, January - FebruaryFrance, Lorient, Galerie Le Liue, "Shargorod", one person photo exhibition
1993, October - NovemberFrance, Toulouse, Place Laganne, "Images from Ukraine", (Catalogue), group photo exhibition
1993, November - DecemberWas selected by Soros Centers for contemporary Arts Network as a Fellow to Arts Link Fellowship, attended New York, Washington DC
1994, January - FebruaryRussia, Moscow, Central House of Artists, "Art of Contemporary Photography, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus", Photo Exhibition and (Catalogue)
1994, OctoberRussia, Moscow, Gallery "On Solyanka", International women's Photo exhibition: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, France
1994, OctoberReceived the Albert Renger-Patzsch Prize 1994 for the book project, Germany, Essen, Fotografische Sammlung, Museum Folkwang
1995, March - AprilGermany, Freiburg im Breisgau, Marienbad Halle, "Jewish Album, Jews in Ukraine", one person photo exhibition
1995, July - AugustGermany, Berlin, Gallery in der Brotfabrik, "My Home", "Portraits-Nudes", "The Breath of Life", one person photo exhibition
1996, MayGermany, Essen, Gallery NRZ Forum, Jews in Ukraine, Photo exhibition and Presentation the Book
1996, June - JulyGermany, Berlin, Photo gallery Kulturamt Friedrichshain, " Jews in Ukraine, 1989-1995, Stetles", one person exhibition
1997, JuneGermany, Hamburg, Women's Festival "Jews in Ukraine", photos 1989-1994", one person exhibition
1997, November - 1998, JanuaryGermany, Kassel, Neue Galerie, "Juden in der Ukraine, fotografien 1989-1994", one person exhibition
1998, January - MarchDenmark, Odense, Museum for Fotoart, The Breath of Life, Five projects, one person photo exhibition
1998, February - MarchSwitzerland, Aarau, Galerie "Goldenes Kalb" & "Neue Galerie", Photos, one person exhibition
1998, May-AugustGermany, Cologne, Museum Zundorfer Wehrturm, "Jews in Ukraine, Photos 1989-1994, one person exhibition
1998, May-JulyUkraine, Kiev, Soros Center for Contemporary Art Gallery, "Prospects of peripheral vision", series "The Breath of Life" group photo exhibition
1998, June-AugustDenmark, Copenhagen, Gentofte Kunstbibliotek, four projects, one person photo exhibition
1998, September-OctoberUkraine, Kiev, House for Artists, "Jews in Ukraine, shtetls, 1989-1995", one person photo exhibition
1998, NovemberSlovakia, Bratislava, Month of photography, Ukrainian photography of the 90s, the group exhibition
1999, MayFrance, Saint-Die-des-Vosges, Histoire de Voir 99, Month of photography, Jewish Album, Emigrants 1993-1997, one person exhibition
1999, September Russia, Moscow, "Interfoto 99", New Manege, the group photo exhibition
1999, SeptemberFrance, Die, Festival , Jews in Ukraine, Shtetls, 1989-1995, one person photo exhibition
2000, FebruarySwitzerland, Aarau, Gallery "Goldenes Kalb", Nude Portrait, one person photo exhibition
2000, March Ukraine, Kiev, Gallery "Tadzio", My Home, Jews in Ukraine, one person photo exhibition
2000, September - OctoberRussia, Sankt-Petersburg, International Photo exhibition and Seminar Woman's Photography
2000, September - OctoberIsrael, Jerusalem, Art Gallery, Photo series "Colours of Shtetls', group art exhibition
2000, October - NovemberSwitzerland, Zurich, Lehrhaus, "Erosion, Disappearing World of shtetl, one person photo exhibition
2001, June - AugustDenmark, Copenhagen, Nikolaj - Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre, Hall of Mirrors. Photographs and Faces, the group photo exhibition
2001, June - SeptemberDenmark, Odense, Museet for Fotokunst, Hall of Mirrors. Variants of the Portrait, the group photo exhibition
2001, January - MayUkraine, Kiev, Club "Macor", Colors of Schtetls, one person photo exhibition
2001, JulyUkraine, Kiev, Gallery "Tadzio", Program "Agada", group Art exhibition together with Irina Klimova and Lev Skop
2002, JanuaryUkraine, Kiev, Gallery "Mystez", "Art Existenzia", the colour photos, together with painter Emma Beglarova

2004, January - February

Germany, Kassel, Gallery AAA, Photography, etching, drawing

2004, November - 2005, Februar

Germany, Kassel, Kasseler Sparkasse, Wolfsschlucht9, BBK Foto-Edition 2004, group photo exhibition

2005, August - October

Germany, Kassel, Kulturbanhof South Wing, Hessiale 2005, Landeskunstausstellung BBK Hessen, group photo exhibition

2007, June

Dänemark, Odense, Museum of photographic art, "One shot each", group photo exhibition

2007, November

Germany, Kassel, Rathaus, "House of life - The Jewish Cemetery Kassel", one person photo exhibition

2009, November

Slovakia, Bratislava, Ukrainian photography 1989-2009, group photo exhibition

2010, November

Germany, Kassel, Studio KunstVision "Earth, Fire & Water", one person photo exhibition

2011, April

Germany, Kassel, Studio KunstVision "Breath of life", one person photo exhibition

2011, October - December

Germany, Köln- Mainz- Chemnitz, "The Migration of the Sons of Israel", group photo exhibition

2011, October - 2012, January

Germany, Hannover, Sprengel Museum Hannover, PHOTOGRAPHY CALLING!, group photo exhibition

2012, January - April

Germany, Kassel, Gallery in the Administrative Court, "Breath of life", one person photo exhibition

2012, March - April

USA, Houston, Texas, FOTOFEST 2012 Biennial, CONTEMPORARY RUSSIAN PHOTOGRAPHY, Perestroika, Liberalization and Experimentation - The mid/late 1980s-2010s, group photo exhibition

2012, June - October

Germany, Kassel, Studio KunstVision "Before September 11, 2011…" one person photo exhibition

2012, October - November

Ukraine, Dnepropetrowsk, Museum "Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine", "The Migration of the Sons of Israel", group photo exhibition

2012, November - December

Ukraine, Kiew, Art Gallery Lawra "The Migration of the Sons of Israel", group photo exhibition

2013, March - May

Berlin, Johanna Breede Fotokunst, "Frauen/Women", group photo exhibition

2013, May - June

Israel, Jerusalem, Jerusalem Haus/Skizza Gallery, "The Migration of the Sons of Israel", group photo exhibition

2014, November - December

Germany, Kassel, Studio KunstVision, "Ceramics & Picture", group photo exhibition

2015, March - June

Germany, Berlin, Johanna Breede Fotokunst, "das Fenster/the Window", group photo exhibition

2015, July - August

Germany, Kassel, Studio KunstVision, "Keramik & Bild II", group photo exhibition

2015, 20. September

Germany, Kasseler Atelierrundgang 2015, one person exhibition, Photography, graphics & ceramics

2016, 6.- 9. October

Germany, Kunstmesse Kassel 2016, Documenta-Halle

2016, November - 2019, Juni

Germany, Kassel, Sara Nussbaum Center, Exhibition, Photographs and ceramics

2018, June - September

Germany, Berlin, Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung, "Of disappearance and appearance - about ephemera in photography", group photo exhibition

2018, 5. -7. October

Germany, Kunstmesse Kassel 2018, Documenta-Halle

2021, June - October

Germany, Berlin, Johanna Breede Fotokunst, "UNTITLED", group photo exhibition

2021, July - September

Ukraine, Kiew, Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal" "Sensitivity. Contemporary Ukrainian Photography", group photo exhibition

2021, since November

Germany, Leipzig, Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture - Simon Dubnow, "Jewish Album", one person photo exhibition


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And in private collections in France, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Kasachstan, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, UK, Israel, Denmark, Austria.