1953 Was born in Kiev
1971-1977 Studied the technology of making photo materials at the Institute of engineers for cinematography in Leningrad (now St. Peterburg)
1982-1983 Studied at the Institute of Journalistic studies in Kiev
1984-1994 Run a photographic workshop for young people at the photo studio "Mgnovenia"
1987-1989 Was a member of a pioneering group of photographers "Pohlyad"
1993 Was recognised and awarded: "Photographer of the year" at the First International Photo festival in Moscow
1993 Was selected by Soros Centers for Contemporary Arts Network as a 1993 Artslink Fellow, received grant and attended USA - New York, Washington
1994 Received the Albert Renger-Patzsch Prize 1994 for the book project, Germany, Essen, Fotografische Sammlung Museum Folkwang
1996 The book "Jews in the Ukraine 1989-1994, Shtetls" was published by Cantz Verlag, Germany
2001 Was leaving Ukraine for Germany (Kassel) for permanent residence
2003-2009 Studied visual communication and ceramic at the Art Academy (Kunsthochschule) Kassel
2010 Run an Art Studio for Photography, Graphics und Ceramics „KunstVision“ in Kassel
The main photographic series and projects
1981-1982 "The Dogs for Sale"
1983-1988 "The Town and Townspeople"
1985-2001 "My Home"
seit 1986 "Nude-Portrait"
"Jewish Album":
seit 1978     I. "Family Album"
1989-2001     II. "Family Album, Shtetls"
1993-2002     III. "Emigrants"
1994-2001 "Breath of Life"
seit 1995 "Presence"
seit 1996 "Bodies' Faces"
2000-2001 "Colours of Shtetls"